The places we go... The stuff we do...  The things we see... OFFLINE!

There are many of us who cannot step out or get away because we have physical restrictions, or family obligations, or financial limitations, or....whatever other reason. And now that "social distancing" has become an integral component to our daily lifestyles and earthly living...people are having to come up with clever ways to stay connected and engaged with each other, even if we cannot always physically be together.

With this in mind, it really helps to at least be able to stay informed and in touch with the Real-Life people, places, and events that we care about most...with the memories and fun times that we shall cherish for many years to come!...and the opportunities that stand before us right here, in the Now.

Now more than ever before, is the TIME to TAP N!

This Season's


Abilities Expo 2020, Los Angeles

Why We Rise L.A. Virtual May

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Away From Keyboard Events & Real-Life Activities

Technology is wonderful. But when we live in a world where we are constantly plugged-in and logged-on, it is important to take time to simply unplug and step awayyyy from the keyboard!...to rejuvenate and maintain a sense of balance in our lives, and connection with the people and communities we care about most. 

For this very reason, The N Society members and "Arkiteks" make a diligent effort to share personal stories and fun shots from the past

...to post interesting events and activities coming up or streaming live NOW

...to promote and participate in safe and uplifting Real-Life events

...to make comfortable connections with local, every-day people...wonderful human beings, doing amazing things all over the world! 

This is the space where we share all these special moments and messages--for those who just happen upon it, yes!  And more importantly, for those who are truly in need, either mentally, physically or emotionally...for ad-free, "spin"-free community space.

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The N Society's MISSION is to constantly explore and identify creative ways real-life Artists, Educators, and Non-Profit organizations can establish virtual presence, and learn to utilize VR technology, Augmented Reality (AR), and immersive Social Media (iSM) in the context of their own creative vision and organizational goals.

The N Society's VISION is to preserve and promote true Human experiences, and the continued advancement of Cultural Arts, Education, and real-life (RL) Community Outreach throughout the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Everything!



What's going on here?


MUNDO ADENTRO XR Galleries & Virtual Venues showcase the original works and personal stories of Artists from all over the world...past & present.  Writers, Artists, and Educators who use their talents and personal experiences to make a positive difference in people's lives...even if on a small scale...are the Earth Angels who walk among us freely, quietly transforming this world into a better place...from the inside, out. 

The mission: to bridge the gap between genres and generations; to create safe-spaces for learning, and accessible platforms for creative exchange and personal interaction. 


Away From Keyboard (AFK) Events & Activities

There is always some exciting industry event coming up...some new technology to get familiar with...and at The N Society, we do it together!

Get to know more...and DO more!


Virtual Ability, Inc.

Virtual Medicine : Cedars-Sinai

Virtual World Society

Get to know, or at least stay N-The-Know, with other Virtual Community organizations and XR Tech industry leaders (...yes, the real-life people behind the keyboards and recorded webinar discussions!) who share the same vision: to provide learning support, and an accessible means to showcase creative achievements, and fresh, new projects...even the ones that aren't quite finished yet! 


A Shared-Space platform...sharing personal experiences, stories and events, from the real-life people behind the lens and the avatars...the ones who are not necessarily famous but, are quite intriguing, indeed!


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