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Back Track: 2018 TEC Leimert

Thus far, it's been both an exciting and interesting year! With that said, my Re-Cap journey will begin at 2018 TEC,(Technology, Entertainment, Convergence), Leimert. Let's begin... This past February 24th, marked TEC Leimert's 2nd Annual event. It was a full Saturday, beginning at 10am with an opening ceremony of African Traditional Drummers. Now I live a few blocks away, and I could hear the drums' beating echoes, like a calling alerting my senses... It's time! And once that was done, we received positive words of growth and expansion from Christine Simmons, LA Sparks CEO. From that point on, it was a hefty itinerary, with eight participating local businesses utilized as Hubs for discussion panels, and workshops. They were: The Historical Vision Theatre, KAOS Network, Art + Practice, Regency West, Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center, Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, California Jazz + Blues Museum, and Hot & Cool Cafe. I must say, that was one of those days, I wished I had multiples of myself. It was a smorgasbord of information, and I wanted it all! Some of the topics covered were, Digital Branding, Fashion Tech, The Future of Mixed Reality, Breaking into Video Games, Crypto Currency, Music Monetization, Digital Disruption of TV & Film, Afro Futurism, and so on. The overall experience was inspiring. People of Color, brought together sharing their insights, as working professionals in the Tech Industries. More importantly... the expressed interest shown by the people of this community, my community, us. Beyond all of the, "techie-talk," that was the pulse that beat beneath the surface, the heart. To the organizers that orchestrated this, LaJuan Morris, (Co-Founder TEC Leimert), Malaijah Thompson, (Director Bringer of Hope Foundation), Ben Caldwell, (KAOS Network), and James Burks, (City of LA DOCA), I tip my hat to you and say... Well done!

Special Thanks to: Chris Paradox, Paco-Michelle Atwood, Kimberlyn Battle

@tecleimert #tecleimert #tecyoself #afroinnovator #ar #vr #mr

For news related to Art, Tech, and Culture, visit afroinnovator.tech/news NEXT WEEK: Back Track: 2018 Afro Innovator Exhibition

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